The classic roller coaster ride

Many people say life is like a roller coaster.

I’ve heard this metaphor a lot and still hear them. When I hear the word roller coaster, I always think of something exciting, something cool, and something adventurous yet it is still something scary. I didn’t have the “nice and smooth path” in learning the subject. I had ups and downs but I didn’t get to the point that I would say I want to quit.


I started the semester smoothly, just like when you start riding a roller coaster. Nothing seems unusual not until your direction is to go down. I had some pretty challenges on this class. Well, one of those is really getting myself “in the group”. I had a hard time. Yes, indeed it was difficult. First, it was difficult to do group-tasks when you have a different schedule from everyone. As a full-time employee and a full-time student, getting a good schedule was a nightmare. Also, sometimes or should I say most of the times, it really difficult to be with a group of people that has different perspective than yours, who has a different point of view at a lot of things – a lot of discussions, a lot of unnecessary arguments.


Climbing the track was the hardest part of my journey. There was a time that I felt alone. I felt like I had no one to hang on to. It seems like I have to do this sh*t all by myself. But I was wrong. I had someone who helped me to get back on track. I had a support system, had a helping hand.


This journey was quite tough but I am proud that I am a finisher. I finished this track with a lot of experience on hand. Experience that I would cherish, experience that I would be proud of, experience that I would share to those folks whose having a difficulty in finding the silver lining.


Learning by groups

Image result for group  clipart

I might be an extrovert to some, but I am not. I used to hate people. Learning by groups is not my favourite thing. Not really. Swear! LOL


I would really rather isolate myself and learn the things on my own instead of having a sorta’ group discussion, group work or whatever you wanna call that stuff.


But I learned to love this learning strategy after Prof. Joeven Castro’s class. At first, I really don’t understand why there’s a need to do some things by group if you could do it on your own? As a professional (I’m already working J), I understand that there are tasks that would have better results if done by group however, I still hate doing things by group. But then again, I learned how to adjust and work well with a group of people. I learned how to be humble and listened to those who are younger than me. I learned that each and every input is important. They say, two minds are better than one.


Semiotics and Critical Tradition“Two different and opposite traditions”


I just love these two concepts even though they are contradicting concepts. The one is studying signs and symbols and the other defines communication as discursive reflection or discourse in which the implicit assumptions behind what is said can be freely questioned and discussed as needed to achieve genuine mutual understanding.


Communication as a field


After leaning different communication theories and concepts, I was able to better understand first myself, which I believe is the most important. Better understanding yourself and learning the psychology behind your patterns would mean better understanding of the people around you and the society you belong in.


As future media practitioner, it is a must to understand how people behave, how people interact, how people communicate. There is a need to a much clearer understanding in order for us to see the truth, to see the reality, to see what needs to be done in order to achieve our goal – to make a MUCH better world.

Image result for better world


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