Water can be as thick as blood too

“Blood is thicker than water”

– a tagline that we always hear, a concept that the norms of this society accepts. However, is it really supposed to be always like that? Does the society’s definition of what family is should always be correct?


They say that family is the basic unit of society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children, but, it doesn’t mean that a family should with of the same bloodline. There are people who are still seeking for questions that seem unanswered, whose concept of what a family is seems not established. How does it feel to have a mother? How would my father look like? Is he bearded and has a husky voice? Will I be able to enjoy the company of my brother, if there is one?


Opening your first check, graduating from school, taking trips, disappointments – these are some of the moments that “ideally” we would be sharing with our family. There are times that we long for our immediate family, specially the times that are difficult to withstand without them. Unfortunately, not everyone does have a so-called family.


I had moments like Ahmad, who longed for his family. Moments I thought that I wouldn’t be able to survive. I was almost about to kill myself before, but, thanks to the “Fizis” of my life. Thanks to my friends who were there during the toughest times of my life.

The Signifier and the Signified


Ahmad, touching the hands of Fizi and saying “My mother is your mother too,” signifies connection. It is a strong bond of brotherly love that is not only confined with brothers of the same mothers, but, also to brothers with the same heart. Thus, friends are the siblings that God never gave us. They are our brothers & sisters from different mothers.


The Importance of Semiotics


We are surrounded by a lot of symbols, symbol from different time and space. As an individual, it is important to know what these symbols mean. It is important to decode and transcribe the true essence of each and every symbol around us. As a future media practitioner, semiotics will help me send message with the help of symbols. A message doesn’t have to be always direct and sometimes would need to be implied. With semiotics, we would better understand culture and differences. Understanding symbols and making meanings would be useful in managing the influence of these symbols not only to ourselves but to those of others.

See video at vimeo.com/100465181



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